Small Trail Markers™ (10 count)




Small Trail Markers are three feet long. Inexpensive and highly visible, they can be used by parks departments, sports directors, ski areas, surveyors, outdoor event planners, timber crews, search and rescue teams, or anyone wishing to set highly visible markers in the ground. Small Trail Markers are sturdy, slightly flexible fiberglass poles that can be easily inserted into and removed from mud, dirt, gravel or sand. The poles are topped with 11-inch long triangular flags — durable, weather-resistant and visible from a distance. American Safety Vest flags can be fluorescent red-orange or yellow. Small Trail Markers are available in sets of 10.

They are also available in a range of custom colors with custom printing. For custom flags, please contact us for colors and details. Add $115 for set-up and silkscreening and $0.40/flag for one-color printing. For larger quantities, see Wholesale Marking Flags.

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Set of 10

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